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Law Clinic Preparing Page Mill Database

Publication Date: 
August 10, 2008
Palo Alto Daily
Banks Albach

Professor of Law and Director of the Stanford Community Law Clinic Juliet M. Brodie is quoted in a Palo Alto Daily article about a rent control complaint in East Palo Alto taken on by the clinic:

Law clinic director Juliet Brody said she hopes Page Mill considers freezing rents until a final court decision.


But Brody, along with attorneys for the city, contend the ordinance itself trumps the rules and regulations. The section she refers to states that each yearly increase shall be based on a consumer price index - which has hovered at around 3.2 percent - and be calculated off the previous year's rent.

"People think this is over," Brody said. "It's not over. This will be fully litigated. We're just getting geared up to fight this."