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Lawsuit Targets Google Policy

Publication Date: 
February 09, 2012
Los Angeles Times
Jessica Guynn

Director of Privacy and Robotics at the Center for Internet and Society M. Ryan Calo was intervied by the Los Angeles Times' Jessica Guynn on Google's new privacy policy.

A consumer watchdog has escalated its efforts to block Google from rolling out a controversial new privacy policy that would allow the Internet search giant to harvest more information about its users.

But the Electronic Privacy Information Center is not suing Google. Instead, it filed a federal lawsuit Wednesday against the Federal Trade Commission, the agency charged with protecting consumers' privacy on the Web.


Ryan Calo, director for privacy at the Stanford Center for Internet and Society, said the courts would probably defer to the FTC.

"Ultimately it will rest in the hands of the FTC to decide whether Google's new privacy policy constitutes a violation of the consent order," Calo said.