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Looking At "No Child Left Behind" Law Reform

Publication Date: 
February 01, 2010
KCBS All News Radio 740 AM

Professor William Koski, who directs the Youth & Education Law Project of the Mills Legal Clinic, discussed the Obama administration's proposed changes to "No Child Left Behind" education policy. Here's a summary of the KCBS broadcast:

President Barack Obama wants to reform the previous administration's signature education law known as "No Child Left Behind."

One difference between the old law and the reforms the president wants to enact centers around the way a school's success or failure is judged.

The Bush law focused on test scores. The director of Stanford's Youth and Education Law Project, Stanford law professor Bill Koski said the Obama reforms would look at a school's progress over time.


"He'd like to scrap the deadline to have all kids be proficient in reading and math by 2014, as was N.C.L.B.," Koski said. "And develop a more nuanced system of measuring how schools are performing."