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Microsoft To Drop 'SkyDrive' In Trademark Settlement

Publication Date: 
July 31, 2013
Seattle Times
Janet I. Tu

Professor Mark Lemley spoke with Janet I. Tu of the Seattle Times about Microsoft's decision to rename their online storage device and why the claims made by trademark owners are becoming increasingly outrageous.

SkyDrive, the Microsoft online storage service, is playing an increasingly big role in the company’s push toward becoming a devices-and-services company. But now, Microsoft must rename it.

The company said it would rebrand SkyDrive after reaching a settlement with British Sky Broadcasting Group, which had contended that Microsoft’s use of “SkyDrive” infringed on the British company’s “Sky” trademark.


"Trademark owners have become increasingly aggressive, making more and more outrageous claims," Stanford University law professor Mark Lemley said.

"The idea that consumers would be confused into thinking that SkyDrive and British Sky Broadcasting were the same thing is ludicrous. ... I think Microsoft simply decided that keeping the name wasn't worth the additional time and uncertainty of an appeal," Lemley said.