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New Faces Tech

Publication Date: 
June 05, 2012
New Faces Tech
Jon Swartz

Fellow at the Rock Center for Corporate Governance Vivek Wadhwa spoke with Jon Swartz of New Faces Tech on the rise of female leadership in the tech industry.

Reshaping a time-worn narrative isn't easy. Social revolutions rarely are, especially when you're a woman trying to break into the boys' club that is Silicon Valley.

But an emerging class of early-stage tech start-up executives is helping dispel the notion that there isn't a leading role for them in the male-dominated valley. Company founders and leaders are coming out of Google, and elsewhere for the excitement of shaping a young business.


Five years ago, starting and funding a female-led tech company would have been a formidable task, says Vivek Wadhwa, a fellow at the Rock Center for Corporate Governance at Stanford University. But, today, women are helping each other through groups such as Women Who Code, Astia and Girls in Tech, and some venture capitalists are warming up to backing companies led by women.