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New Institute Fights Climate Change

Publication Date: 
February 17, 2009
Daily Journal
Fiona Smith

Professor and Director of the Environmental Law Clinic Deborah A. Sivas is mentioned in the Daily Journal in an article about the new Climate Law Institute:

One of the nation's most hard-hitting environmental advocacy groups will dramatically ramp up its efforts to combat climate change by pushing for new legal precedents and changes in government policy through a new San Francisco-based project, the Climate Law Institute.


With $6.3 million in new funding and a plan to raise roughly $10 million more over the next five years, the environmental group plans, among other measures, to bring lawsuits under current environmental laws to rein in climate change, ensure climate change legislation is strict enough to prevent runaway global warming, block oil shale development and new coal plant construction and reverse ocean acidification.


Hecht will serve on the institute's advisory board, which also includes Deborah Sivas, a professor at Stanford Law School;...