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New Network Of 'No Fishing Zones' Proposed From Half Moon Bay To Mendocino County

Publication Date: 
August 04, 2009
San Jose Mercury News
Paul Rogers and Julia Scott

Meg Caldwell is quoted in this story about the proposal to protect California's ocean habitats:

Three years after they banned or strictly limited fishing in 18 percent of California's ocean waters from Santa Barbara to Half Moon Bay, state regulators are poised to extend similar restrictions today all the way to Mendocino, cementing California's place as the national leader using marine reserves to restore fish and wildlife.

The proposal to be considered by the state Fish and Game Commission would establish 22 new marine protected areas limiting or banning fishing in 20 percent of state waters from Half Moon Bay to Point Arena.

The goal: to help boost beleaguered populations of everything from rockfish to Dungeness crab to abalone by essentially leaving their habitat alone.


"This is like the establishment of national parks in the water," said Meg Caldwell, director of the environmental law program at Stanford University.

"We are not just managing fish. We are trying to protect ecosystems that we know will respond when we take away fishing pressure."