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Obama Takes Oath -- Again

Publication Date: 
January 22, 2009
ABC-7 News
Lilian Kim

Professor Jenny Martinez is interviewed for a segment on ABC-7 News regarding President Obama's first executive orders, including one to close the detention facility at Guantanamo within one year:

It was with the stroke of the pen that implemented immediate change on the president's first full day in office as Obama signed executive orders. He imposed new rules on government transparency, putting a pay freeze on senior staffers and mandating new limits on lobbyists.


And on Thursday, the president will continue to set the tone. He will sign an executive order that will shut down the Guantanamo Bay prison within one year. Stanford law professor Jenny Martinez filed briefs for some of the detainees. "It sends a clear message to the rest of the world that the U.S. is going to be a leader in human rights again, we're going to be the country that everyone admires and respects," said Martinez.