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Once-Through Run Through

Publication Date: 
September 19, 2007
The Monterey County Herald
Virginia Hennessey

Lecturer in Law and Director of the Environmental Law Clinic Deborah A. Sivas' role in a lawsuit involving the cooling system at the Moss Landing Power Plant on the Monterey Bay is referenced in a Monterey County Herald article:

Edwin "Dietrich ['08], in his first argument inside a courtroom, was supervised by Deborah Sivas, director of Stanford's EarthJustice Environmental Law Center, which is representing Voices of the Wetlands."


"A Stanford University law student arguing on behalf of Voices of the Wetlands asked a three-judge panel to overturn a ruling by Monterey County Judge Robert O'Farrell and revoke the state permit that allows LS Power Group to operate the cooling system that sucks in 1.2 billion gallons of water from Elkhorn Slough each day."

The ruling, and the cooling system, Edwin Dietrich argued, are in violation of the Clean Water Act and a January federal appellate court ruling that required power plants to use the "best technology available" to minimize environmental impact to marine organisms. The lawsuit faults the system for "entraining" and killing larvae in the slough.