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Panel Urges EPA To Use 'Ecosystem Services' In National, Local Decisions

Publication Date: 
March 18, 2008
Risk Policy Report

Professor and CVPESS Chairman Barton H. "Buzz" Thompson is quoted in Risk Policy Report:

Valuing ecosystems services is an approach that has been "increasingly focused on in the last five years," says CVPESS chairman Buzz Thompson, a professor of natural resources law at Stanford Law School, in an interview with Risk Policy Report. "The agency has long been interested" in valuing ecosystems and services and incorporating that in its decision making. "I expect to see in the future more and more discussion of valuation. We've certainly seen that in interaction with agency personnel."


When an SAB review committee begins considering the five year plan in April, two of the panelists will be CVPESS members, Thompson says.


The report urges the agency to work with regional partners on regional-scale ecosystems valuation analysis. These partnerships can help the agency gather more data and help local partners make more informed choices, Thompson says.