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Patent Disputes Spur Samsung's Lobbying On Smartphones

Publication Date: 
March 11, 2013
The Sydney Morning Herald

Professor Mark Lemley is quoted in the The Sydney Morning Herald on the move by Samsumg Eletronics to amp up its lobbying in Washington and the "growing importance of US laws and regulations to the (technology) industry." 

Samsung Electronics has doubled mobile phone sales in the US since 2008. As the company faces anti-dumping measures and a protracted court battle with Apple, its US lobbying bill is growing even faster.

Samsung boosted spending on lobbyists to $US900,000 last year from $US150,000 in 2011 as it tries to influence the government on issues ranging from intellectual-property infringement to telecommunications infrastructure, regulatory filings show.


The greater focus on lobbying by technology companies reflects the growing importance of US laws and regulations to the industry as Congress considers issues from patents to internet privacy to copyright infringement, said Mark Lemley, who teaches patent law at Stanford Law School in California.

''It's just an increasingly important part of their business,'' he said. ''What happens in Washington can significantly affect the lives of technology companies, and they can't ignore it.''