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Planet Money Explores 'How To Fix The Patent Mess'

Publication Date: 
October 24, 2012

Professor Mark Lemley's appearance on the "How to Fix the Patent Mess" episode of NPR's Planet Money , where he discussed how using existing laws may help the patent system, is noted in this TechDirt article. 

In something of a follow up to This American Life's famous episode about the horrors of software patents, the Planet Money team brought on Mark Lemley to talk about how to fix the patent system. If you're aware of Lemley (or read Techdirt) what he talks about isn't all that surprising. He does note that, even if software patents are particularly silly, he doesn't agree with trying to carve them out specifically. Instead, he's still mostly focused on fixing the patent system by properly enforcing the laws already on the books. That means having the USPTO and the courts actually recognize that too many software patents are on general ideas ("functional claiming") when that's not allowed.