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Race, Violence ... Justice? Looking Back At Jena 6

Publication Date: 
August 30, 2011
National Public Radio (NPR)
Michel Martin

Professor Richard Thompson Ford discussed his new book “Rights Gone Wrong: how law corrupts the struggle for equality” with Michel Martin on NPR. The book, which will be out at the end of September, discusses the Jena 6 case in detail.

In August 2006, a black student in Jena, La. asked if he could sit under a tree on campus or if it was reserved for whites. Three nooses hung from the tree the next day. In December, six black boys brutally beat a white student, and five of the suspects were charged with attempted murder. Black talk radio hosts and civil rights leaders nationwide protested the charges. Have the demonstrations helped move the U.S. closer to racial justice? Host Michel Martin speaks with Stanford Law School Professor Richard Ford and radio talk host Warren Ballentine.