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Report Shows Reduction In California Inmate Population Slowing After Realignment

Publication Date: 
August 20, 2012
Daily Journal
Henry Meier

The Daily Journal's Henry Meier spoke with Professor Robert Weisberg on why he thinks the decrease in California's prison population has slowed down.

After a dramatic drop in California's prison population over the first six months of realignment, the reduction in inmates housed in state prison has slowed significantly.

A report released last week by the Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice pegs the numbers shift to prosecutors' charging decisions, including finding ways to tack enhancements on defendants, making them eligible for state prison time.


"It's much too soon to tell definitively, but the trend certainly seems to suggest the conclusion [the Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice] comes to," said Robert Weisberg, Stanford Law School professor and co-director of the school's Criminal Justice Center. "Prosecutors have so much power in charging that they really can determine whether a person is going to prison or not."