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Republicans Aim To Quash New Union Rules

Publication Date: 
November 30, 2011
The Boston Globe (AP)
Sam Hananel

Professor Bill Gould spoke with Sam Hananel of The Boston Globe regarding the threat by lone GOP member on the NLRB, Brian Hayes, to quit and how the move would be "unprecedented."

Republicans are maneuvering to short-circuit an effort by Democrats on the National Labor Relations Board to approve rules that would quicken the pace of union elections.

The GOP member of the labor board is threatening to resign his post, which would deny the board a quorum and quash the entire process. At the same time, the House is poised Wednesday to approve a GOP bill aimed at short-circuiting moves they consider anti-business. That measure is unlikely to go anywhere in the Senate.


“As far as I’m aware, it’s unprecedented,’’ said William Gould, a former NLRB chairman during the Clinton administration and now a professor at Stanford Law School. “The board has become more polarized, but this takes it to a different level entirely.’’