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Rodriguez Walks Out Of Hearing And Pleads Case On Radio

Publication Date: 
November 20, 2013
The New York Times
Steve Eder

Professor Willian B. Gould IV is quoted in The New York Times on Alex Rodriguez's actions in an arbitration hearing with Major League Baseball. 

Alex Rodriguez, locked in a fight with Major League Baseball over his 211-game doping suspension, slammed down his hand and walked out of his arbitration hearing Wednesday morning, saying he was “disgusted with this abusive process.”

In the afternoon, he took to the radio, telling WFAN that “I don’t have a chance” in the hearing and denying that he had used performance-enhancing drugs in recent years.


“You don’t attack the tribunal or individual who is making a decision in your case unless you feel that all is lost,” said William B. Gould IV, a former chairman of the National Labor Relations Board who teaches labor and sports law at Stanford. “Even then, it isn’t the wisest thing to do.”

Gould added, “I’ve been a student of baseball arbitration for years, and I don’t recall anything akin to this one.”