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Samsung Plans To Appeal $119-Million Judgment In Apple Patent Case

Publication Date: 
May 06, 2014
Los Angeles Times
Chris O'Brien

Professor Mark Lemley weighs in on the aftermath of the verdict handed down in the latest patent litigation between Apple and Samsung for The Los Angeles Times. 

Samsung is apparently not content with having escaped its latest patent trial with a verdict that only requires it to pay a fraction of the damages that Apple had requested.

An attorney for Samsung said in a statement that the company plans to ask that the $119 million in damages that jurors ordered the company pay be reduced to $0. Zip. Nada.


"It's nominally a win for Apple, but it's a lot less than they asked for and a lot less than they won last time," said Mark Lemley, a Stanford Law School professor. "It is entirely possible they spent more in money and time than they have gotten back from this trial. The real question is whether they can use the verdict to get an injunction; that could be more valuable to them."