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Schools for Deaf Confront Other Disabilities

Publication Date: 
December 04, 2007
Education Week
Christina A. Samuels

Education Week examined the issue of how schools for the deaf address students who have multiple disabilities in the context of a case the Youth and Education Law Project (YELP) settled on behalf of a deaf child with autism who had been excluded from services and programs at the California School for the Deaf in Fremont, California. Professor William Koski, founder and director of YELP and co-counsel in the case, was quoted:

“It would be a tragedy if there weren’t places like the California School for the Deaf, where deaf culture can thrive and flourish,” said William S. Koski, one of the lawyers who represented the student, known by the initials J.C. in court filings, and the director of the Stanford University law school’s Youth and Education Law Project. “What can’t be tolerated is for one disadvantaged group to discriminate against an even more disadvantaged group.”