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Sentencing Proposal Marks Shift Toward Rehabilitation

Publication Date: 
February 03, 2010
Daily Journal
Robert Iafolla

Professor Robert Weisberg, an expert in criminal law and procedure, is quoted in the Daily Journal on proposed amendments to the federal sentencing guidelines:

The U.S. Sentencing Commission has proposed what could be the most dramatic changes to the federal sentencing guidelines since a landmark Supreme Court ruling made them advisory five years ago, criminal justice experts said.

With the proposed amendments, which are open to public comment until March 22, the commission and its new chairman have signaled a willingness to move federal sentencing priorities away from retribution and toward rehabilitation.


"The alteration of the tough-on-crime philosophy is not driven by some sentimental notion of softness-on-crime," said Robert Weisberg, Stanford Law School professor and co-director of the Stanford Criminal Justice Center. "It's an attempt to view criminal justice as a form of risk regulation that's subject to cost-benefit analysis."