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Shaking Public Interest Law

Publication Date: 
October 30, 2006
Stanford Daily
Jenny Allen

"Stanford Daily" quotes Dean Larry Kramer and Professor Barbara Babcock about the "Shaking the Foundations" conference

“‘Shaking the Foundations’ is important because it gives students an opportunity to work on issues about which they feel impassioned, because it touches on aspects of being a lawyer that are at the heart of our profession but all too often lost in the course of law school and because the issues it deals with are critical in their own right,” said Dean Larry Kramer.

"The attendees recognized the degree to which the past has large unmet visions to bequeath to the future,” Babcock said. “The panels and workshops were extraordinary in content and well-organized. One of my favorite workshops featured the Receiver for the California Prisons and other prison law advocates. Despite how desperate the prison healthcare system is, the speakers gave one hope that change is possible."