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Silicon Valley Companies Fight Piracy Act In Congress

Publication Date: 
November 28, 2011
Daily Journal
Craig Anderson

Professor Mark Lemley spoke with Craig Anderson of the Daily Journal on the backlash the "Stop Internet Privacy Act" has been receiving and how it is growing.

Silicon Valley technology companies and their allies are fighting back against legislation in Congress that they say would make it much easier for copyright and trademark owners to squelch websites that host infringing material.

The debate grew more contentious last week following the introduction of the U.S. House of Representatives version of the Stop Internet Piracy Act, which critics say would give copyright and trademark owners the ability to shut down websites without a court order.


Mark A. Lemley, a Stanford Law School professor who helped to write a letter blasting both bills earlier this year, said this week he is more optimistic about stopping them. "There is an anti-SOPA backlash, and it is growing," he said in an email.