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South Carolina's Katrina

Publication Date: 
September 17, 2008
Free Times
Ron Aiken

Professor Michele Landis Dauber's "The Sympathetic State" is referenced and quoted in a Columbia's Weekly Free Times article about the impact and human suffering caused by hurricanes of the past including the disastrous 1893 Sea Islands Hurricane and others:

Populist Kansas Sen. William Peffer, associate professor of law at Stanford University Michele Landis Dauber wrote in her paper “The Sympathetic State,” successfully led the opposition to relief on the Senate floor.

“Peffer opposed the cyclone relief because ‘there are a great many other people who are in circumstances as destitute as these,’ who were equally deserving of relief, and said that if the Senate considered the appeal from South Carolina, he would bring one on behalf of the unemployed workers throughout the country who were suffering through winter in the midst of a severe depression.”