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Stanford, Harvard Plan Ambitious Curriculum Changes

Publication Date: 
December 21, 2006
The Daily Journal
Anna Oberthur

The Daily Journal quotes Dean Larry Kramer and the David and Stephanie Mills Director of Clinical Education and professor Lawrence C. Marshall

“Lawyers need to be educated more broadly, with courses beyond the traditional law-school curriculum, if they are to serve their clients and society well,” Stanford Law School Dean Larry Kramer said.

"The upper years, as presently configured, are a lost opportunity to teach today's lawyers things they need to know," Kramer said. "What we're doing is creating an upper-level experience that is very different from the one students have traditionally had."

"We have resources for some of our present clinical programs but not all," Kramer said. "We are now prepared to make a long-term commitment to clinical education, and that requires having endowed funds. Hence, the funding will go to underwrite five full clinics."

"We have to ask, Are we doing everything we can in law school to inspire students about the glory of becoming a lawyer? Where they feel blessed to be part of this profession?" Marshall said. "We can create those values, but we can't do it in the classroom."