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State Panel Recommends Laguna Fishing Closure

Publication Date: 
November 10, 2009
Orange County Register
Pat Brennan

Meg Caldwell, director of the Environmental and Natural Resources Law & Policy Program, served on a state panel that unanimously approved marine protected areas off the Southern California Coast. She is quoted in the following article:

A state task force recommended a ban on fishing along six miles of Laguna Beach coastline Tuesday, along with a variety of other fishing restrictions up and down the Southern California coast.

The 9 1/2-square-mile, triangle-shaped closure area was one of several that the blue-ribbon panel picked after more than a year of work by a 64-member “stakeholder” group, part of the state-sponsored Marine Life Protection Act Initiative.


“We’re dealing with something really unprecedented,” Meg Caldwell, a Stanford Law School professor and member of the blue-ribbon task force, said shortly before the 5-member panel’s unanimous vote. “The original intent of this act is really to bring our marine coastal endowment back to its former glory, and to allow it to really perform as the engine that it is for our state’s coastal economy.”