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States Sued Over Education Funding

Publication Date: 
February 18, 2014
Stateline (The Pew Charitable Trust)
Adrienne Lu

Professor William Koski comments on the role of courts in protecting educational funding for Stateline. 

Any week now, the Kansas Supreme Court will rule on a lawsuit filed by parents and school districts alleging that school spending cuts violate the state’s constitution, which promises “suitable” funding for public education.

In New York last week, an education advocacy group filed suit claiming the state is nearly $4 billion short of fulfilling its school spending obligation under a 2006 court ruling. And in Texas, lawyers earlier this month wrapped up closing arguments in a similar lawsuit.


“I think [the courts] are playing a proper role in not establishing what kids should know and be able to do but holding the legislature accountable to what it says kids should be able to do,” said Willliam Koski, director of the Youth and Education Law Project at Stanford Law School, which is representing the plaintiffs in Robles-Wong v. California.