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Sunnyvale Voters To Decide Gun-Control Measure C

Publication Date: 
November 03, 2013
San Jose Mercury News
Josh Richman

Professor John Donohue III is quoted by the San Jose Mercury News on the potential effects of Measure C if surrounding cities and the state of California disregards the measure. 

In one of the Bay Area’s more disputed ballot battles of 2013, Sunnyvale voters on Tuesday might decide to go much further than state lawmakers and the governor did this year in imposing new gun controls.

The Silicon Valley city of 146,000 is neither besieged by crime nor extremely liberal, yet it has become a new front in the national struggle over gun policy.


It's tough for a city's law to affect crime if the cities around it and the rest of the state don't follow suit, said John Donohue III, a Stanford law professor and gun policy expert. Yet "people are so frustrated by gun violence that they want to take expressive or symbolic action, even if they realize it won't make much difference," he said.