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Supreme Court to take up freedom of religion case

Publication Date: 
April 19, 2010
Oakland Tribune
Michael Doyle

Professor Michael McConnell who is representing the Christian Legal Society in its case against Hastings College of the Law, is quoted in the Oakland Tribune. Michael Doyle filed this story:

A San Francisco campus conflict between religious devotion and human sexuality will now give Justice John Paul Stevens a final opportunity to apply the First Amendment in the 21st century.

Oral arguments this morning will be the first since Stevens announced his retirement from the Supreme Court. More critically, the case involving a Christian student organization at the Hastings College of the Law is the year's most closely watched freedom-of-religion fight.


"The ability to participate in a campus forum on equal terms with other groups is the very lifeblood of a student organization," Stanford University law professor Michael McConnell wrote on the Christian Legal Society's behalf.