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Technology: Tweet Dreams

Publication Date: 
March 03, 2014
The Lawyer
Lucy Burton

Professor Mark Lemley weighs in on how technology, from social media to crowdsourcing, is changing lawyers’ working lives in an interview with The Lawyer's Lucy Burton. 

From billing apps to crowdsourcing and social media, technology is changing lawyers’ working lives.

With an increasing number of clients complaining that their lawyers are inept when it comes to forecasting litigation costs, technology entrepreneurs are getting in quick to find a solution. When business magnate David Schottenstein had to use three law firms in five months because of wide disparities between his budget and the final bill, he had an idea.


“We’re in a period when you can take the law and you can do with it what firms have done with every other area of practice, which is to try to ‘rationalise’ it,” writes Stanford Law School director Mark Lemley in the Stanford Lawyer. “Computer technology has gotten to the point where we can parse and analyse big data in a fashion that we just couldn’t before.”