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Texas Voting Rights Clash Puts High Court In Fray

Publication Date: 
January 09, 2012
Greg Stohr

Professor Pamela Karlan spoke with Bloomberg's Greg Stohr on the current Texas Redistricting case before the Supreme Court and how it could potentially "give a major way for states to circumvent the Voting Rights Act."

U.S. Supreme Court justices grappled with minority voting rights in Texas’s congressional and state legislative districts, trying to find a quick fix against the backdrop of looming deadlines.

During arguments today in Washington, the justices gave no clear answer as to how or when they will rule in the case, which tests the power of judges to redraw voting-district lines and the strength of a central provision of the 1965 Voting Rights Act.


"It would essentially give a major way for states to circumvent the Voting Rights Act,” said Pamela Karlan, a professor at Stanford Law School who represents the Texas Mexican American Legislative Caucus, one of the groups battling the state’s Republicans in court.