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The 25 Most Influential People In IP

Publication Date: 
September 09, 2010
Eriq Gardner, Tom Huddlesto Jr., Charlie Mead, Joe Mullin and Ed Shanahan

Professor Mark Lemley is named by as one of the 25 most influential people in intellectual property:

Who's making the greatest impact on the practice area right now? Interviews with dozens of professionals who work in the field yielded several answers upon which everyone seemed to agreeā€”and a few that just might surprise you.



Director, Stanford Law School Program in Law, Science, and Technology

After publishing 109 articles and seven books, including Intellectual Property in the New Technological Age, Mark Lemley is unquestionably the most-quoted IP scholar alive today. In fact, a recent survey conducted by legal research outlet HeinOnline of 19 million pages of content in the Law Journal Library found Lemley to be cited more times than the legendary U.S. Supreme Court justice Louis Brandeis. Lemley's writings often offer counterintuitive theses. In one 2010 study, for example, he noted that contrary to popular belief, the Eastern District of Texas is not actually the most favorable venue in the country for patent plaintiffs. And his studies can have real-world impact: In its landmark 2006 ruling in eBay v. MercExchange, for example, the Supreme Court adopted much of the reasoning that Lemley laid out in his amicus brief on behalf of a group of law professors. A founding partner of Silicon Valley litigation boutique Durie Tangri, Lemley has been mentioned as a potential judge. Maybe, but that could be a bit restrictive for someone who clearly relishes writing on whatever topic he likes.