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The Insighters - FCC Court Ruling And Net Neutrality

Publication Date: 
April 08, 2010
Maria Armoudian

Professor Barbara van Schewick talks to KPFK's radio show host about the FCC court ruling and net neutrality:

Featured speakers/guests:

Seg. 1: Financial Collapse, what have we learned?; Seg. 2: FCC court ruling and net neutrality; Seg. 3: Free the Slaves Dean Baker, Financial Expert; William Cohan, author; Barbara von Schewick, Prof. of Law, Stanford; Harold Feld, Public Knowledge; Barbara Espen, Progress & Freedom Fdn; Kevin Bales, Author, Founder of Free the Slaves


Seg. 1: The hearings continue into the causes of the financial collapse. Dean Baker, author of False Profits, and William Cohan discuss it. Seg. 2: The court ruled against the FCC, saying it cannot impose regulations on the internet. Guests talk about how that affects the future of the internet. Seg. 3: Part 1 of 2 with Kevin Bales discusses new slavery, world-wide.