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The Most-Cited Law Reviews?

Publication Date: 
June 01, 2012
The National Law Journal
Tony Mauro

Professor Mark A. Lemley is mentioned in an article by Tony Mauro of the National Law Journal for the distinction of being a heavily cited scholar in the field of intellectual property literature.

A new tally of the most-cited law review articles of all time gives the edge to the Harvard Law Review. But Yale Law School's faculty has a lead over Harvard's in producing oft-cited scholarship since 1990.

The survey, published online today in the Michigan Law Review, is the latest update by Fred Shapiro, associate librarian at Yale, joined this time by Michelle Pearse, a Harvard Law librarian.


Another rising trend, wrote Shapiro, is scholarly interest in intellectual property law. Once viewed as a "small literature," IP is now the subject of popular scholarly writing. He singled out Stanford Law School professor Mark Lemley as a heavily cited IP scholar. "IP has become an ever more important area of the law," Shapiro said.