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Twitter Changes Procedures For Responding To Allegations That Tweet Infringes Copyright

Publication Date: 
November 12, 2012
Daily Report for Executives - BNA
Joyce E. Cutler

CIS Director of Civil Liberties Jennifer Granick spoke with the Daily Report for Executives' Joyce E. Cutler about a new policy on Twitter which is "providing some transparency" in alerting users to copyright holder's complaints. 

Twitter Inc. is posting tweets on users' accounts that an item was removed because of a copyright holder's complaint, rather than deleting such tweets without explanation, the micro-blogging service announced Nov. 2.

Twitter's Copyright and Digital Millennium Copyright Act Policy explains that Twitter will replace the suspected infringing item with a message that says: "Tweet withheld. This Tweet from @Username has been withheld in response to a report from the copyright holder. Learn more[.]"


Twitter's notices "provide some transparency to the affected user and to the public about the number and reasons for takedowns," Jennifer Granick, clinical director of the Stanford Law School Center for Internet and Society, told BNA by email Nov. 6.

The practice is not the beginning of a trend, Granick said. Google Inc.-owned YouTube, for example, indicates when a video is taken down for copyright infringement. "This is a developing best practice, however," she argued.