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U.S. Will Not Appeal Judge's Ruling In No-Fly List Challenge

Publication Date: 
March 25, 2014
Dan Levine

Professor Shirin Sinnar is quoted by Dan Levine in this Reuters article on how a recent ruling in a no-fly list challenge, ordering the government to "cleanse mistakes" from their files, sets precedent. 

The U.S. Department of Justice said on Tuesday it will not appeal a court ruling this year that found problems with how the government administers its controversial no-fly policy.

The policy excludes individuals from commercial air travel if they are suspected of having ties to terrorism, but critics say it is practically impossible to be removed from the list once on it.


Shirin Sinnar, a professor at Stanford Law School who testified as an expert for Ibrahim, said the ruling was the first time a judge has ordered the government to cleanse mistakes from its files in such a case, a precedent that will now stand.

However the facts of Ibrahim's predicament were unique, she said, and that could limit the impact of Alsup's ruling.

"So much of the decision was tied to the specific conceded mistake in this case," Sinnar said, "and that will make it harder for other litigants to argue that the reasoning should be applied elsewhere."