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Verdict May Bruise Apple

Publication Date: 
July 11, 2013
Chicago Tribune
Chris O'Brien and Alana Semuels

Professor Mark Lemley spoke with Chris O'Brien and Alana Semuels of the Chicago Tribune about a federal judge's ruling on the Apple eBook pricing conspiracy and why the company refused to settle.

A federal judge's ruling that Apple conspired to raise electronic book prices cuts straight to the heart of the company's image as consumer friendly.

Apple now faces the prospect of a judge imposing government oversight on its deals, along with the possibility of paying monetary damages.


In addition to protecting its reputation, avoiding a monitoring program and a trustee is likely a big reason Apple refused to settle, according to Mark Lemley, a Stanford University law professor.

Lemley said Apple may also simply be unable to believe that its late co-founder Steve Jobs could have done anything illegal.

"There is a kind of Steve-Jobs-can-do-no-wrong mentality that can take root in Apple's culture that is hard to square with the facts here," Lemley said.