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Why Attractive People Are More Likely To Be Leaders

Publication Date: 
September 26, 2013
Business Insider
Jenna Goudreau

Professor Deborah Rhode shared her research from her book "The Beauty Bias" in this Business Insider article to explain that attractive people can have an advantage in many ways.

From John F. Kennedy to Barack Obama, American presidents have trended toward the handsome and charismatic. Likewise, many business leaders, including Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer and JPMorgan’s Jamie Dimon, are beacons of confidence and poise, who flash disarming smiles and dress to impress.

Studies show that being gifted with beauty and sex appeal may help job candidates land an offer or even a bigger paycheck. Does attractiveness also make people more influential, giving them a direct path to leadership?


The benefits of winning the genetic lottery seem nearly unlimited. Stanford law professor Deborah Rhode, in research for her book “The Beauty Bias,” found that attractive students are considered smarter, nice-looking teachers get better reviews, appealing workers make more money, and good-looking politicians get more votes. Researchers have even found that when attractive people ask strangers to do them a favor, they are more likely to grant the request.