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Office of Student Affairs

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where is the Law School's official lost and found office?

    The Law Library is the official keeper of lost and found. Lost and Found is located on the first floor of the Law Library (723-2477).
  2. How can I get into the building after hours?

    In order to get into the building after hours (for the 24 hour use of the 2nd floor Library Reading Room), you'll need a code to the door by the Admissions Office or in the back by the Education CERAS building.  These single glass doors have a key pad and requires a code for entry.  If you don't yet have a code, please stop by the Library Front Dest, the Office of Student Affairs or Facilities and they'll provide you a code specific to your class year.  Please DO NOT email the code to others.  We place our facility at risk with codes out over the emails systems/internet.

  3. How can I make long distance calls or faxes on campus?

    Domestic or international faxes or calls are free from any campus phone.  There are phones located in the basement of the hallway that links the classrooms to the admin building.  The phones can be used to make calls.  

    Students and student organizations can use the fax machine on the first floor of the Law Library as well as the machine in room 79N. The number to the fax machine in room 79N is 650-723-0501. The fax number to the machine in the Law Library is 650-724-2983. The fax number is 650-724-6216.
  4. How can I reserve a room at the Law School and calendar an event?

    There is a strict policy for calendaring events and requesting rooms. Student groups must go through their designated calendar administrators to calendar their events and request rooms. Read more about the event calendar process.
  5. How can I reserve a room outside the Law School?

    Students who wish to reserve spaces outside the Law School should contact Facilities of Chidel Onuegbu (
  6. How can I get parking passes for guest speakers?

    The Office of Student Affairs has a limited number of parking passes that organizations can purchase for guest speakers and charge the fee to their organization's accounts. You can also buy individual passes at the Parking and Transportation Department, located at 340 Bonair Siding, 723-9362. Hours of operation are 7:30 to 5:00 PM. An "A" day pass costs $11; a "C" is $4.50.
  7. Is there a nursing room at the Law School?

    Yes, the Law School has a nursing room located in room 184 of the classroom building. Breastfeeding students or their partners may use the room. Contact the Office of Student Affairs for the door code.
  8. Where can I find a scanner?

    Students can use the scanner located on the second floor teaming Room of the law library.
  9. Is there a Notary Public at the Law School?

    Law school related documents (such as bar applications) are notarized at no cost to the student, faculty or staff. There is a $10 fee for notarizing personal or non-law school related documents.

    SLS Notary Public:
    Chidel Onuegbu,, 725-0764, Room 104A
  10. How do I get information about Writing Competitions?

    The Office of Student Affairs receives a great deal of information for writing, moot court and alternative dispute resolution competitions during the year, most of which include money prizes up to $5000 for winners. These competitions span a wide range of topics, from international law to environmental law to minority rights and so on. Stanford students have been successful in the past in winning these types of competitions, and we have collected those applications in a binder currently housed in the first floor information desk of the law library. If you are interested and would like to learn more, please stop by the first floor information desk of the law library. The website lists other writing competitions for law students.
  11. How can I enter the lottery for the Faculty Lunch presentations?

    Ten students are allowed to attend the Wednesday weekly lunch presentation with faculty. If there are more than ten students interested in attending a lunch presentation, priority will be given to the speaking professor's legal assistants, and to those who have not attended a presentation during that academic year. The presentations are all held Wednesday afternoons (12:15 to 1:45 PM) in the Manning Faculty Lounge on the second floor of the breezeway. Lunch starts at 12:15 and the presentation follows at 12:45. Students interested in attending a specific presentation should notify Chidel.