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Environmental and Natural Resources Law & Policy Program (ENRLP)


Stanford's Environmental and Natural Resources Law & Policy Program offers one of the most extensive environmental and natural resources curricula in the nation. The program integrates into each of its core courses situational case studies and simulations that are designed to bring real-world problem solving into the classroom. The small size of courses—usually 15 to 20 students, and seldom more than 50—fosters an interactive, skills-oriented approach to legal education, not to mention robust class discussions.

A key philosophy behind the program's curriculum is that multiple disciplines must learn to work together to solve environmental and natural resources issues. Thus, our courses examine not only the law, but also the scientific, technical, and social science dimensions of a problem. Graduate students from other disciplines at Stanford—business, environmental engineering, urban planning, earth systems, and biology—often enroll in the program's courses, adding new insights and perspectives.

Courses offered by the program over the past several years include:

Some, like Environmental Law and Policy, are offered every year, while others are taught on a more occasional basis.