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General Information

Health Insurance


Stanford requires all registered students to have medical insurance that meets certain minimum coverage requirements. Therefore, each quarter students are charged a health insurance fee. However, exchange students are ineligible for coverage through Stanford. You must obtain health insurance through your home institution or through a private plan.

Department of State regulations require all J-1 visa holders and their J-2 dependents to be covered by medical insurance at all times. The Bechtel International Center is obligated, by federal law, to cancel the J-1 visa of any student who willfully neglects to obtain medical insurance for themselves or family members.

Individual Health Insurance Plans

Information and applications for individual health insurance plans are available through the web at This company offers many medically underwritten, leading health insurance plans in California. Visiting exchange students can consult this site for information about cost and coverage for health insurance. Students may have a health insurance plan in their home country which will cover them in the United States, but should confirm this and obtain a statement from their insurer confirming this coverage. Upon arrival, students will be asked to show proof of insurance coverage for the duration of their studies in the United States.

Vaden Health Center

The Allene G. Vaden Health Center is located at 866 Campus Drive. Visiting students attending Stanford Law School are eligible to access certain health care benefits at Vaden on a fee-for-service basis. For more information, see the web site at or call 650-486-2336.