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Orientation Programs

For Fall 2012, Stanford Law School will offer a course called Introduction to American Law for international graduate students prior to the start of the regular school year. Precise dates have not been determined yet, but it is likely that the class will begin September 4, 2012 and will run through on or about Friday, September 21, 2012 (with breaks for the weekends). This course is open to incoming exchange students attending Stanford Law School during the Fall quarter of academic year 2012–13, but it is not required. Because exchange students may not take courses taught during the first term of the first year of the JD curriculum, as noted in "Eligible Courses", the Introduction to American Law course provides an excellent opportunity for exchange students to gain exposure to foundational American law subjects. Incoming exchange students who will be attending Stanford Law School during the Fall quarter of academic year 2012–13 should let us know whether they plan to participate in the Introduction to American Law course.

If you arrive plan to participate in the Introduction to American Law course, we encourage you to plan to arrive at Stanford in late August, though the earliest allowed arrival date will be specified in your visa materials. You will be able to take advantage of Law School orientation activities for international students, which are tentatively scheduled for the last week of August 2012. These will include a welcome breakfast for international students, a visa orientation meeting at the Bechtel International Center, a campus tour, a library tour, as well as instruction on laptop configuration and an information technology orientation.

For students who choose not to avail themselves of the opportunity to participate in the Fall 2012 Introduction to American Law course, the regular class schedule for exchange students will begin September 24, 2012. Stanford’s Bechtel International Center offers a week–long orientation schedule for new international graduate students in September. When the orientation schedule has been finalized, information about the orientation programs will be posted on the Bechtel International Center’s website.