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Meet Our Faculty

The interests of Stanford Law faculty members reflect the broad scope of the field of international law itself—international security, trade, criminal law, the law of war, transnational business, environmental law, human rights, conflict resolution, development, intellectual property, the foreign policymaking process, and the rule of law—making Stanford Law’s intellectual community as diverse and complex as the world our graduates enter.

Stanford faculty members approach international law not just as a subject for academic inquiry but also as a force for change in the world.  They understand how law operates in relation to governments, international organizations, and the global economy because they have practiced international law themselves.  Our international law faculty members have worked for international tribunals and advised federal agencies seeking to disrupt transnational criminal finance.  They have served as White House policymakers and lawyers in the U.S. Department of State, and they have litigated terrorism cases before international tribunals and the Supreme Court of the United States.  Our professors who teach international dealmaking and arbitration have completed complex international transactions and litigated disputes over international agreements.  Most important, Stanford Law faculty members are dedicated educators who embrace their role as mentors to the next generation of international law scholars and practitioners.  The experience of our faculty and their commitment to education make them uniquely qualified to instruct students in how law operates in the global arena.