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Brief Review of Nanotechnology Related Activities in Italy

A Brief Review of Nanotechnology Related Activities in Italy

Research project


Luca Escoffier


Nanotechnology is a multifaceted sector which is gaining greater importance day after day. Many products incorporating or made through nanotechnology applications are already on the market, and the common opinion surrounding this technology is that future applications and products will range from advanced materials science to medicine, defense, electronics, coating and so forth. Apparently, the only limit to the usage of nanotechnology seems to be human ingenuity. New properties of already known substances are discovered, and it is now clear that there is really room at the bottom. In this article, Luca Escoffier offers a general outlook as to what Italy is doing in the field of nanotechnology. He provides an overview of the nanotechnology-related governmental investments aimed at fostering this field and some figures about patenting and research activities.


A summary of this research was published in 4 Nanotech. L. & Bus. 385-92 (2007).

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