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Nanotechnology Commercialization for Managers and Scientists: Transatlantic Perspectives

Nanotechnology Commercialization for Managers and Scientists: Transatlantic Perspectives

Research project

Luca Escoffier

The nanotechnology industry is a fast growing industry with many unique characteristics. When bringing the results of nanotechnology research to market, companies and universities run into unforeseen problems related to intellectual property rights and other legal and regulatory issues. An effective commercialization of the results of research requires basic knowledge of the relevant issues and a well-defined strategy. Even the most impressive scientific achievements can become a commercial failure due to a lack of understanding of, and the absence of a strategy relating to, the legal and regulatory issues surrounding the commercialization of a technology. This research addresses all these issues from the view of managers and scientists interested in an effective commercialization of nanotechnology innovations.

This research will result in a book, co-edited by Luca Escoffier and co-authored by several acclaimed professionals and scholars, which analyzes all the potential hurdles faced while trying to protect these innovations. It discusses all the potential ways for an effective economic exploitation with a transatlantic approach by comparing US and European laws and regulations as well as best practices.

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