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Stanford Law Association (SLA)


The Stanford Law Association (SLA) is the representative organization of the Law School student body. Its officers include a president or co-presidents, a treasurer, a secretary, two chairpersons of academic affairs, two social committee chairpersons, eight general representatives total from the second- and third-year classes, eight representatives from the first-year class, and other members in charge of publicity, bar review, and web activities. The Stanford Law Association also has standing committees that advise the administration on clinical programs, pedagogy issues, and public interest programs and curricula.

The Stanford Law Association represents the interests of the Law School student body in general, and also assists in the orientation of entering students, supervises student elections and referenda, and serves as a special advisory council to the Associate Dean for Student Affairs.

The Stanford Law Association also sponsors an active social program which includes the Law School formal and semi-formal, weekly bar reviews and happy hours, intramural sports events, and football game tailgates. In addition, the Law Association has co-sponsored events, like the Law School Musical and the Cinco de Mayo celebration, with other student groups.

For more information contact the 2015-2016 leadership:

James Yoon, Co-President

Kevin Rich, Co-President

Gracie Chediak, Secretary

Isaiah Deporto, Treasurer

Meredith Evancie, Academic Co-Chair

Mengyi Xu, Academic Co-Chair

Zehava Robbins, Community Relations Co-Chair

Richard Griffin, Community Relations Co-Chair