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Alain P. Kelder
Senior Systems Engineer


My name is Alain Kelder, and I’m a giant dork. I was born in Tallinn, Estonia, left home at 18 to see the world, ended up in the San Francisco Bay Area and have been living here ever since (seeing the world is still on the to do list).

After a few amateur kickboxing fights, I decided a career in sports wasn’t for me and went to school in the U.S. Then while trying to balance full time school and full time work for a couple of years, got interested in computers, passed a few tests for an IT certification and got an entry level IT job. Quickly found that I loved everything about tech work and have been in the IT field since. I currently work as a Systems Engineer at Stanford.

When not hacking away at some technical problem, I enjoy spending time with the family, carving up the Stanford campus on a longboard, or wakeboarding in the Delta or on Lake Anderson.