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Loïc E. Coutelier
Gould Research Fellow


Loïc E. Coutelier, from France, joined Stanford after successfully completing an LL.M. program in International Economic Law, Business and Policy. His current research concentrates on issues relating to inter alia international arbitration, international trade regulation, mediation, online dispute resolution, and dispute systems design. Prior to moving to California, Loïc was working as a Deputy Counsel at the Secretariat of the ICC International Court of Arbitration in Paris and in Hong Kong, where he administered arbitration cases between parties from Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, the Pacific region, North America, and Eastern Europe. Loïc was also involved in the design and development of a case management platform for the ICC.

Loïc also works at MODRIA.COM, the worldwide leader in designing and implementing online dispute resolution systems to reinforce trust on the internet. He advises the company on issues relating to international arbitration, algorithmic dispute resolution, and general institutional case management.

Loïc studied in France and Scotland. He worked briefly with law firms in Scotland and Spain. He graduated valedictorian from the Master 2 (5th year of law school) in arbitration and international business law in Versailles. Loïc is the author of several scholarly articles on international arbitration in France, the United States, and China.