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Dissertations & Theses

Researchers interested in reading SLS dissertations/theses, please email or visit the SLS (Crown) Library Reference Desk for assistance.

SLS Advanced Degree Students are asked to submit an electronic copy of their dissertation/thesis to the Law Library/Archives, so it can be added to the collection.  To do so, please fill out this this form.  (This submission is in addition to the formal submissions you make to your instructors/advisers/registrar within SLS and SU. For info on the SU Registrar's Electronic Dissertation/Thesis system, visit their ETD FAQ page.)


Osorno, Camarena, and Adriana Beatriz, JSD
Unbundling Path Dependence: A Case Study Of Telecommunications Reform in Mexico, 1990-2006 (2007)
Schwartz, Virginie Laure, JSM (SPILS)
Comparing The US And French Models Of Criminal Pre-trial Investigation: Party-Prosecutor v. Neutral Juge D'Instruction (2007)
Wang, Dequan, JSD
Legal Framework For The Development Of Venture Capital In China: Policy Recommendations For The Establishment Of A Growth Enterprise Market ("GEM") (2007)


Albalawi, Suliman Hamdan, JSD
Banking System In Islamic Countries : Saudi Arabia And Egypt (2006)
Arold, Nina-Louisa, JSD
The Legal Culture Of The European Court Of Human Rights (2006)
Ayine, Dominic Mmengayela, JSD
Democratic Deliberation Of Trade Legislation In Ghana : Institutions, Interests And Accountability (2006)
Baldé, Thierno S., JSM (SPILS)
Media Bias In The Coverage Of The Electoral Process In Guinea (2006)
Blum, Binyamin, JSM (SPILS)
To Concur, Or Not To Concur : That Is The Question, Theoretical And Practical Questions Regarding The Judicial Independence Of Judges Appointed Temporarily To The Israeli Supreme Court (2006)
Gill, Amiram, JSM (SPILS)
Progressive Corporate Law As A New Frontier In Workers' Cause Lawyering : The Case Of Israel (2006)
Gilliéron, Philippe, JSM (SPILS)
Performing Rights Societies In The Digital Environment (2006)
Ho, Chih-Hsing, JSM (SPILS)
Crying Out For Justice: Ambigious Property Rights And The Land Seizure Problems In China (2006)
Kato, Haruko, JSM (SPILS)
Judicial Activism In Administrative Litigation? : 2004 Administrative Litigation Reform And Its Impact (2006)
Kilik, Gokce, JSM (SPILS)
Not Enough Or Too Much? : Citizen Redress From multinational Energy Projects In Turkey : The Case Study Of The Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Pipeline Project (2006)
Noguchi, Yuko, JSD
Toward Better-Balanced Copyright Regulations In The Digital And Network Era : Law, Technology, And The Market In The U.S. And Japan (2006)
Pérez-Correa, Catalina, JSD
Criminal Investigation and Prosecution In Mexico City : a Case Study Of Miguel Hidalgo County And Its Ministerio Público (2006)
Regev, Shiri, JSM (SPILS)
Revealing Realities Beyond The Formal Law: Untold Stories Of Israeli Single Mothers Living On Welfare (2006)
Silva-Mendez, Jorge Luis, JSM (SPILS)
Some Facts Behind The Myths: An Empirical Analysis Of Termination Cases In Mexico (2006)
Tarinyeba, Winifred Mary, JSM (SPILS)
Corporate Governance In Uganda : The Role Of Bank Finance (2006)
Trimble Landová, Markéta, JSM (SPILS)
Legal Landscape In A "Legislative Hurricane:": The Czech Legislative Process From Association To Accession (2006)
Vlad, Florin, JSM (SPILS)
Merchants Of Living Souls : Traffickers Of Human Beings In Romania (2006)
Wagner, Markus, JSM
How Courts Look At International Human Rights Law : Comparing Canada, Germany And The US (2006)
Yajnik, Amee, JSD
Legal Risk And Investment In India : A Case Study Of The Dabhol Power Project (2006)


Agusti-Panareda, Jordi, JSD
An Attempt To Mediate Immigrant Integration Intercultural Mediators In Catalonia (2005)
Chalifour, Nathalie J., JSD
Paying For Nature Conservation With Tax Dollars?: An Evaluation Of The Role Of Fiscal Policy Reform In Promoting Biodiversity Conservation In Canada Through Legal, Economic, Ecological, Fiscal And Political Lenses (2005)
Dias, Luciana P., JSM (SPILS)
Governance Of Brazilian Pension Funds (2005)
Fusco, Stefania, JSM (SPILS)
Geographical Indications: A Discussion On The TRIPS Regulation Before The Ministrial Conference Of Hong Kong (2005)
Hunter, Rosemary, JSD
Women's Experience In Court : The Implementation Of Feminist Law Reforms In Civil Proceedings Concerning Domestic Violence (2005)
Jimenez-Zorrilla, Pablo, JSM (SPILS)
Reshaping Fiduciary Duties In Mexico: A Step Towards Functionality (2005)
Katz, Tamar Kricheli, JSM (SPILS)
Assassinations And Political Trials: The Role Of The Courts In Two Case Studies (2005)
Lee, Samantha Shiau-Ping, JSD
Unfinished Business : Challenging Microsoft In Taiwan (2005)
Lee, Jyh-An, JSM (SPILS)
New Perspectives On Public Goods Production: Policy Implications Of Open Source Software (2005)
Levis, Julien, JSM (SPILS)
The Adoption Of Corporate Social Responsibilty [Responsibility] Policies By Multinational Companies (2005)
Lin, Yu-Hsin, JSM (SPILS)
Nonprofit Organizations As Plaintiffs' Attorneys: Shareholder Litigation in Taiwan (2005)
Lopez, Alberto Brandt, JSD
Divorce And Annulment In San Mateo County, California 1950-1957 (2005)
Reynard, Tony, JSM (SPILS)
How Do Art Dealers Document Sales Transactions? A Case Study In Paris (2005)
Sagy, Tehila, JSM (SPILS)
Even Heroes Need To Talk: Psycholegal Soft-Spots In Political Asylum Lawyering (2005)
Sakaniwa, Masayuki, JSM (SPILS)
Lack Of Access To Justice? Japanese Judicial Reform In Rural Areas (2005)
Seo, Jeong, JSM (SPILS)
Who Will Control Frankenstein?: The Korean Chaebol's Corporate Governance (2005)
Tang, Liang, JSM (SPILS)
"The Elephant In The Room" And "The Toothless Watchdog": The Police-Prosecutorial Dynamics In The Pretrial Detention Practice Of A Chinese City (2005)


Bergallo, Pao, JSM (SPILS)
A Judicial Glass Ceiling? : The Selection Of Buenos Aires Federal And State Judges (2004)
Bregman, Yael, JSM (SPILS)
Access to HIV/AIDS Treatment in Sub-Saharan Africa: Patents, TRIPS, and Beyond (2004)
Cohen, Elin, JSM (SPILS)
Business Associations: a Strategy to Reduce Uncertainties in the Informal Business Sector in Kenya (2004)
Concha Vial, José Ignacio, JSM (SPILS)
Corporate Governance In Latin America: Convergence Or Divergence? (2004)
Daimon, Kaori, JSM (SPILS)
Judicial Reform in Japan: Japan's Last Structural Reform Project in the Lost Decade (2004)
Duruigbo, Emeka A., JSM (SPILS)
Managing Oil Revenues For Socio-Economic Development In Nigeria: The Case For Community-Based Trust Funds (2004)
Muli, Elizabeth Wanjama, JSD
Kiamas : Rethinking Access To Justice In Domestic Violence Cases In Kenya (2004)
Ng, Alina, JSD
Commercializing Motion Pictures And Sound Recordings Through The Internet : Copyright Law And Technological Change (2004)
Oguchi, Hikaru, JSM (SPILS)
The Bureaucratic Sectionalism Of Japan's Technical Cooperation In The Legal And Judicial Field: The Case Of Legal Assistance In Laos (2004)
Perelman, Jeremy, JSM (SPILS)
Providing Access To Health Care through The Law: Social Economic Rights Lawyering In Sub-Saharan Africa And The Tale Of Two Legal Resources Centres (2004)
Puig de la Parra, Sergio, JSM (SPILS)
NAFTA Chapter 11 Dispute Settlement Mechanism And Mexico : Legitimacy, Evaluation, And The Case For Transparency (2004)
Seeger, Boerge Ingo, JSM (SPILS)
Online Proxy Voting: A New Hope For Shareholder Democracy? (2004)
Shimamura, Kazuyuki, JSD
An Analysis Of The Political Economy Of Japanese Fisheries : The Dynamics Of Bureaucratic Policymaking In Domestic And International Fisheries (2004)
Smythe, Deirdre, JSM (SPILS)
Underestimating Institutions: A Critique Of The South African Law Commission's Recommendations For Improving Responses To Rape Complainants (2004)
Tagder, Susanne, JSM (SPILS)
Informational Regulation To Prevent Medical Mistakes : A Study Of Medical Adverse Event Reporting In The U.S. (2004)
Tan, Eugene Kheng Boon, JSM (SPILS)
The Multiple Realities Of Multiculturalism Unpacked: : Reconsidering Conventional Wisdom In The Management Of Ethnic Relations In Singapore. (2004)


Agusti-Panareda, Jordi, JSM (SPILS)
The Complex Plasticity Of Mediation : Intercultural Mediators In Catalonia (2003)
Akaiwa, Hirotomo, JSM (SPILS)
Toward A Third Japanese Revolution: The Political Economy Of Japanese Fiscal Decentralization (2003)
Aron-Gilat, Adi, JSM (SPILS)
The Failure Of The Current Legal And Administrative Policy In The Prevention And Treatment Of Groundwater Pollution In Israel (2003)
Ayine, Dominic Mmengayela, JSM (SPILS)
Policy Formation In A Regulatory "Vacuum": Law And The Political Economy Of External Trade Regulation In Ghana (2003)
Boggio, Andrea, JSD
The Puzzle Of Mass Torts: A Comparative Study Of Asbestos Litigation (2003)
He, Xin, JSD
Why Do They Not Obey The Law? : A Case Study Of A Rural-Urban Migrant Enclave In China (2003)
Jang, Il, JSM (SPILS)
Protection Of Personal Information In Commercial Transactions : A Korean Perspective (2003)
Lehuede, Hector J., JSM (SPILS)
Do CFC Regulations Acclimatize In Latin America : A Case Study Of Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela, And Brazil (2003)
Magen, Amichai A., JSM (SPILS)
EU Membership Conditionality And Democratization In Turkey : The Abolition Of The Death Penalty As A Case Study (2003)
Pérez-Correa, Catalina, JSM (SPILS)
Socorro: A Cry For Help : The Practice Of Criminal Procedure in Mexico (2003)
Pérez-Hurtado, Luis Fernando, JSM (SPILS)
The Lawyer As Problem Solver : A Challenge For Mexican Law Schools (2003)
Porat, Iddo, JSD
Balancing In Constitutional Law : A Suggested Analytical Framework Applied To American Constitutional Law (2003)
Sánchez-Galindo, Arianna, JSM (SPILS)
Congress, The Presidential Rulemaking Power And The Mexican Supreme Court : A Failed Attempt At Electricity Reform (2003)
Sihanya, Bernard, JSD
Constructing Copyright and Literary Creativity In Kenya Cultural Politics And The Political Economy Of Transnational Intellectual Property (2003)
Varma, Girija Krishan, JSM (SPILS)
Singnificance [i.e. Significance] Of Monetary Damage Awards In Intellectual Property Cases : In India And International Domain (2003)
Wang, Yong, JSM (SPILS)
From Mouthpiece To Money Maker : Chinese Newspapers Become More Autonomous (2003)
Woo, Pei Yee, JSM (SPILS)
Recurring Dream Or Incessant Nightmare? Foreign Direct Investment In China's Power Industry (2003)
Xu, Xiaobing, JSD
Mediation In China And The United States : Toward Common Outcome (2003)


Alcalá Mendoza, Alil Alvarez, JSM (SPILS)
Tax Compliance : A Proposal For Mexico (2002)
Alekseev, Innokenty Y., JSM (SPILS)
Securitization Of Intellectual Property (2002)
Bechtold, Stefan, JSM (SPILS)
Governance In Namespaces (2002)
Caballero Juárez, José Antonio, JSM (SPILS)
The Law And The Poor : An Analysis Of Legal Marginalization In A Bay Area Community (2002)
Chung, Suh-Yong, JSD
Environmental Cooperation Institution Building In Northeast Asia (2002)
Efrat, Rafael, JSD
Personal Bankruptcy In Israel (2002)
Gomez, Manuel, JSM (SPILS)
The Use Of Institutional Mediation By Venezuelen Business Lawyers (2002)
Leal-Arcas, Rafael,
United We Stand, Divided We Fall: The European Community And Its Member States In The WTO Forum: Towards A Common Position On Issues Of Mixed Competence? (2002)
Lee, Li-Ju, JSD
Legal Culture And Social Change : The Case Of Taiwanese Family Law Development (2002)
Li, Yahong, JSM (SPILS)
The Wolf Had Come: Are China's Intellectual Property Industries Prepared For The WTO? (2002)
Lijtszain, Yanine, JSM (SPILS)
Choosing The Right Dispute Resolution Mechanism: A Case Study On The Jewish Community In Mexico (2002)
Liu, Hung-En, JSD
Custody Decisions In Social And Cultural Contexts : The Best Interests Of The Child Standard And Judges' Custody Decisions In Taiwan (2002)
Mah, Daniel Chung Hsiang, JSD
A Tale Of Two Networks: Interconnection In Early Telephony And The C omme[r]cial Internet (2002)
Matsumoto, Shinsuke, JSM (SPILS)
Hostile Takeovers in Japan: Analysis And Suggestions (2002)
Matsumoto, Noriko, JSM (SPILS)
Continuing Challenges Against The Boundaries: International Jurisdiction And Choice Of Law Issues Arising From International Intellectual Property Infringement (2002)
Montero, Marcelo, JSM (SPILS)
Venture Lawyers: A Comparative Study Between The United States And Chile (2002)
Muli, Elizabeth Wanjama, JSM (SPILS)
The Victim Of Domestic Violence And The Criminal Justice System In Kenya: A Case For Restorative Justice? (2002)
Noguchi, Yuko, JSM (SPILS)
Diminishing Freedom Of Speech Within The Copyright Regimes In The U.S. And Japan: What Japan Has To Learn From The U.S. Experience (2002)
Paton, Paul Douglas, JSM (SPILS)
Process, Policy And Politics: Regulatory Responses And The Multidisciplinary Practice Debate In Canada (2002)
Ramangkura, Varamon, JSM (SPILS)
Shrimp, Sea Turtles, Mangrove Forests And The WTO: Thailand's Path Of Development In The Shrimp Industry (2002)
Rosen-Zvi, Issachar, JSD
2001 : A space odyssey : Law, space, and society in contemporary Israel (2002)
Shim, Sangmin, JSM (SPILS)
Flexibility Mechanisms In The Kyoto Protocol And Korea's Leading Role In Participation (2002)
Shimamura, Kazuyuki, JSM (SPILS)
Silent Land Use: The Political Economy And Legal Structure Of A Government-Based System Of Land Use In Japan (2002)
Tjiong, Henri, JSD
The Political Economy Of Regulatory Competition: A Diachronic Institutional Theory Of Legal Change In An Era Of Globalization (2002)
Vasquez, Carola A., JSM (SPILS)
Domain Name System: Can Competition Fix A Flawed System? (2002)
Wang, Ming-Li, JSD
Crypto Policy And Online Public Forums (2002)
Wang, Dequan, JSM (SPILS)
China's Emerging Venture Capital Industry: In Search Of Exit Strategies (2002)