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Researchers interested in reading SLS dissertations/theses, please email or visit the SLS (Crown) Library Reference Desk for assistance.

SLS Advanced Degree Students are asked to submit an electronic copy of their dissertation/thesis to the Law Library/Archives, so it can be added to the collection.  To do so, please fill out this this form.  (This submission is in addition to the formal submissions you make to your instructors/advisers/registrar within SLS and SU. For info on the SU Registrar's Electronic Dissertation/Thesis system, visit their ETD FAQ page.)


Wenger, Boris, JSM (SPILS)
Is Helen Worth It?, Or, The Efficiency Of International Antitrust (2002)


Arold, Nina-Louisa, JSM (SPILS)
Do Germ Cells Of Global Rights Culture Exist? A Case Study Of The Inner Legal Culture Of The European Court Of Human Rights (2001)
Baccetti, Niccolo, JSM (SPILS)
Liquidation vs. Reorganization: a Contractarian Approach to Bankruptcy Law (2001)
Cekovic-Vuletic, Simonida, JSM (SPILS)
Consumer Models, Consumer Policy And Market Integration In The European Community: Consumer In A Strain Between Member States And Community (2001)
Cheung, Anne S. Y., JSD
Self-Censorship And The Struggle For Press Freedom In Hong Kong (2001)
Cosovanu, Catalin, JSM (SPILS)
Intellectual Property And Technological Development In Central And Eastern Europe (2001)
Fernandez, Marcela, JSM (SPILS)
Citizen participation in environmental standards in Chile (2001)
Furushima, Hiromi, JSM (SPILS)
How Should Japan Reform Its Corporate Legal Structure And Practice To More Effectively Nurture Start-Ups? (2001)
Grieshofer, Ulrike, JSM (SPILS)
Mediating International Conflicts: Can The European Union Do It Effectively? Institutional Reform And Its Impact On The Wars In The Former Yugoslavia Between 1991-2001 (2001)
Heumüller, Dirk Walter, JSD
Critical Eating: Genetically Engineered Foods In International Relations : Designing International Bodies On Risk Management In Evolving Science & Technology With Global Impact (2001)
Huang, Lei, JSM (SPILS)
Old Bottle, New Wine: The Guakao Approach And The Development Of The Beijing Taxi Industry (2001)
Hung, Veron Mei-Ying, JSD
Administrative Litigation And Court Reform In The People's Republic Of China (2001)
Lee, Samantha Shiau-Ping, JSM (SPILS)
Universal Service Policy In Taiwan: A Case Study Of Telecommunications In An Era Of Liberalization And Technological Convergence (2001)
Li, Ling, JSM (SPILS)
The Sky Is High And The Emperor Is Far Away: Enforcement Of Intellectual Property Law In China (2001)
de la. Maza, Iñigo, JSM (SPILS)
Lawyers, From The State To The Market (2001)
Mitsui, Hidenori, JSM (SPILS)
E-Commerce Taxation: A Key To Restructuring The Income Tax System (2001)
Morell, Ana, JSM (SPILS)
Persecution, An International Crime? (2001)
Nagatsuka, Satsuki Nishimi, JSM (SPILS)
Rethinking The Current Legal Structure Of Japan's Recycling-Based Society (2001)
Ng, Alina, JSM (SPILS)
Economics Of Intellectual Property: A Study Of Proprietary Rights, Competition, And Technology Transfer In The Software Industry (2001)
Poblet Balcell, Marta, JSD
Spanish Legal Culture: Between State And Society (2001)
Quinn, Brian Jose Miguel, JSM (SPILS)
"Your Power Plant Or Your Life": Investment Insurance And The Hold-Up Problem (2001)
Rhee, Woo-young, JSD
Counsel For The Indigent Accused In The United States And The Republic Of Korea : Constitutional Reflections And Suggestions For Changes In The South Korean Criminal Justice System (2001)
Rostoker, Michael D., JSD
Strategic Alliances In The United States Microelectronics Industry (2001)
Santiváñez-Seminario, Roberto J., JSM (SPILS)
Deregulation And Political Process: Regulatory Opportunism In Peru's Electricity Industry Reform (2001)
Sihanya, Bernard, JSM (SPILS)
Opening Sources For Kenya's Development : The Discourse On Intellectual Property And Technology Transfer In Access To Software And Cyberspace (2001)
Tanaka, Yoshinari, JSM (SPILS)
Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations And Japanese Public Finance (2001)
Wang, Eric Min-chiuan, JSD
Four Traces Of Michelman And Sunstein's Legal Republicanism : Republican Historiography, Communitarianism, Habermasian Philosophy And Rawlsian Liberalism (2001)
Wu, Hsun-lung, JSD
The Comparison Of Prosecutorial Functions In the U.S.A. And In Taiwan (2001)
Yuan, Grace, JSM (SPILS)
China's Policy On Encryption Technology: Balancing National Security, Commercial And Political Interest (2001)
Zhou, Jianjun(Jenny), JSM (SPILS)
E-Commerce And Its Hidden Dragons In China: Benefits, Risks, And Opportunities For The Government And Foreign Investors (2001)
Ziv, Neta, JSD
Human Rights Law And Public Interest Lawyering: A Study On The Interdpendence Of Jurisprudence And The Legal Profession In Israel (2001)


Buttu, Diana Nazic, JSM (SPILS)
Compensation For The Palestinian Refugees Of 1948: An Analysis Under International Human Rights Law (2000)
Drobac, Jennifer Ann, JSD
Sexual Harassment Law : History, Cases, And Theory (2000)
Goleria, Karuna, JSM (SPILS)
Status Of Traditional Knowledge In International Patent Regime (2000)
He, Xin, JSM (SPILS)
Legal Evasion As A Means Of Development: A Case Study Of Internal Migrant Garment Business In Beijing (2000)
Horie, Riwa, JSM (SPILS)
Japanese Pro-Patent Policy: An Analysis Of Its Impact On The Japanese Biotech/Pharmaceutical And Semiconductor Industries (2000)
Inoue, Kenji, JSM (SPILS)
Database Protection In Japan: Seeking The Most Desirable Legal Framework (2000)
Kim, Inho, JSD
Restructuring The Liability Regime In The Oil Pollution Act Of 1990 (2000)
Lauchli, Martin U., JSD
Minimal State And Distributive Justice: An Essay On Nozicks Theory With Some Comparative Aspects To Rawls (2000)
Liu, Hung-En, JSM (SPILS)
Mother Or Father: Who Received Custody? The Best Interests Of The Child Standard And Judges Custody Decisions In Taiwan (2000)
Macharia, Laila N., JSM (SPILS)
Property Rights, Regulatory Risk, And Private Investment In Kenya's Telecommunications Sector (2000)
Mandudzo, Dennis T., JSM (SPILS)
Aspects Of Small And Medium Scale Enterprise Financing In Zimbabwe (2000)
Na, Youngsoog, JSM (SPILS)
The Role Of Competition Law And Policy In Korea's Economic Reform And A Critique Of Korea's Current Merger Regulation (2000)
Obiora, Amede L., JSD
Law, Gender Relations And Social Change In Nigeria (2000)
Park, Gene Soon, JSM (SPILS)
Institutional Investors' Role In Enhancing Corporate Governance In Korea: For Activism And Independence Of Mutual Funds (2000)
Pichler, Rufus, JSM (SPILS)
Trust And Reliance--Enforcement And Compliance: Enhancing Consumer Confidence In The Electronic Marketplace (2000)
Poblet Balcell, Marta, JSM (SPILS)
Spanish Young Legal Culture: Between The State And Society (2000)
Porat, Iddo, JSM (SPILS)
Judicial Balancing In Israel - The Case Of Balancing In The Jurisprudence Of Chief Justice Aharon Barak (2000)
Shiokawa, Junko, JSM (SPILS)
Foreign Investment In Russian Oil Industry: Analysis And Perspectives Of Transaction-Driven Law Reform (2000)
Teran, Horacio C., JSM (SPILS)
Intellectual Property Protection And Offshore Software Development: An Analysis Of The U.S. Software Industry (2000)
Vogl, Roland, JSM (SPILS)
The E.U.-U.S. Privacy Controversy: A Question Of Law Or Governance? (2000)
Wigwe, Joyce C., JSD
Environmental Pollution In The Niger Delta Region Of Nigeria : A Case For Direct Equity Participation (2000)
Yajnik, Amee, JSM (SPILS)
India's Power Sector Reforms: Understanding Legal And Institutional Barriers For The Development Of An Efficient Electricity Market (2000)


Adam, Rachelle, JSM (SPILS)
Government Failure And Public Indifference: A Portrait Of Water Pollution In Israel (1999)
Bosch, Tobias, JSM (SPILS)
Differentiation - A New Element In The European Legal Architecture (1999)
Bourgain, Marina T., JSM (SPILS)
Economic Adjustments And The New Employment Relationship In Europe (1999)
Chalifour, Nathalie J., JSM (SPILS)
Assessing The Impacts Of Trade Liberalization On Forests (1999)
Cheung, Anne S. Y., JSM (SPILS)
The Search For Freedom Of The Press In Hong Kong: From Misidentification To Reassertion (1999)
Donavanik, Jade, JSD
The Impact Of Plant Intellectual Property Rights On Thailand's Agriculture: Implications Of The Agreement On Trade Related Aspects Of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) (1999)
Duce, Mauricio, JSM (SPILS)
Criminal Procedural Reform And The Ministerio Publico: Toward The Construction Of A New Criminal Justice System In Latin America (1999)
Han, Chia-Da, JSM (SPILS)
Searching For Taiwan's Legislative Policies On Consumer Protection Issues In Electronic Commerce (1999)
Hung, Veron Mei-Ying, JSM (SPILS)
Judicial Practice And Judicial Reform In The People's Republic Of China : Lessons From Administrative Litigation In Guangdong Province (1999)
Kondo, Junichi, JSM (SPILS)
Legality Of Software Reverse Engineering In Japan (1999)
Mah, Daniel Chung Hsiang, JSM (SPILS)
A Legal Perspective On Privatization In Australia (1999)
Matsunaga, Akira, JSM (SPILS)
An Institutional Analysis of Management Problems in Chinese State-Owned Enterprises (1999)
Ojeda De Koning, Rodrigo, JSM (SPILS)
Transparency In Mexican Telecommunications: Mechanisms To Facilitate The Regulation Of Telecommunications Services (1999)
Ota, Ikuko, JSM (SPILS)
Universal Service In The Global Telecommunication Market: A Study Of The 1997 FCC Benchmarking Order In Reforming The International Accounting Rate System (1999)
Payá Pujado, Alejandro, JSM (SPILS)
Securitization In Spain: An Analysis From The U.S. Economic And Legal Experience (1999)
Ramos, Mylene Pereira, JSM (SPILS)
Child Labor In Brazil: Solutions At The Domestic And MERCOSUL Levels (1999)
Rosen-Zvi, Issachar, JSM (SPILS)
The Emperors New Clothes Constructing Professionalism: The Case Of The Israeli Judiciary (1999)
Vicari, Andrea, JSM (SPILS)
Fiduciary Duties And Corporate Liability: Default Rules And Opting Out (1999)
Wang, Xiao-gang, JSM (SPILS)
The Bankruptcy Law In China: Under-Utilization And Reasons Behind (1999)
Yu, Chi-chang, JSD
International Strategic Alliances In High Technology Industries: A Law And Economic Analysis From An Antitrust Perspective (1999)


Bustos Sierra, Rodrigo J., JSD
The Accommodation Of Interests In Freedom Of The Press And Protection Of Reputation In The Constitutional Doctrine Of The United States And Spain (1998)
Camarena Osorno, Beatriz Adriana, JSM (SPILS)
Telecommunications Reform In Mexico: Challenges For Entering The Global Digital Economy (1998)
Chou, Helen I-chun, JSM (SPILS)
Women, Work And Protective Labor Legislation In Taiwan (1998)
Chuang, Yung-Cheng, JSM (SPILS)
Regulatory Problems Of Trading Material Nonpublic Information On International Stock Markets (1998)
Cockfield, Arthur, JSD
International Tax Policy Under NAFTA: The Impact Of National Tax Differences On Capital Flows Under Regional Trade And Investment Integration (1998)
Cullet, Philippe, JSD
Differential Treatment In International Law: A New Framework For The Realization Of Sustainable Development (1998)
Efrat, Rafael, JSM (SPILS)
The Israeli Fresh-Start Policy In Bankruptcy (1998)
Furuya, Hajime, JSM (SPILS)
Comparative Technology Policy For The Semiconductor Industry In Japan And The United States (1998)
Hing, Simon Yan Wong, JSM (SPILS)
Migrants In China: Leaving The Communes, Entering The Market, Still Under The State (1998)
Hing, Simon Yan Wong, JSM (SPILS)
Migrants In China: Leaving The Communes, Entering The Market, Still Under The State (1998)
Hopkins, Quince C., JSM (SPILS)
Domestic Violence As Torture: Possibilities And Limits Of The Law In Combating The Psychological Harm And Patterned Nature Of Domestic Violence (1998)
Hsieh, Yihong, JSD
Rethinking The Legal Structure Of Bank Securities Powers: "Universal Banking" Vs. The "Glass-Steagall Act" In Taiwan (1998)
Kameri-Mbote, Patricia Annie, JSD
Property Rights And Biodiversity Management In Kenya: The Case Of Land Tenure Regimes And Wildlife Management (1998)
Kim, Inho, JSM (SPILS)
The Future Of The Regimes Regulating Oil Pollution Liability And Compensation (1998)
Lester, Gillian, JSD
Economic And Sociological Theories Of Contingent Employment: Critique And Implications For Law Reform (1998)
Luo, Qizhi, JSM (SPILS)
The PRC Bar And Professionalism: A Practical And Theoretical Analysis (1998)
Netanel, Neil, JSD
Copyright And A Democratic Civil Society (1998)
Radermacher, Ludger, JSM (SPILS)
European And German Environmental Law And The Current Reconstruction Of Legal Cultures (1998)
Reuben, Richard C., JSD
Constitutional Gravity And Alternative Dispute Resolution: A Unitary Theory Of Public Civil Dispute Resolution (1998)
Rhee, Woo-young, JSM (SPILS)
Why South Korea Needs Institutional Reform In The Government Structure, And How It Can Make A Change: Some Suggestions To The South Korean Legislature And Judiciary For An Institutionally Reinforced Check-And-Balance Model (1998)
Yuksel, Cuneyt, JSD
Embedded Strategies, Corporate Partners, And Markets In The Digital Age (1998)


Chung, Suh-Yong, JSM (SPILS)
Environmental Cooperation In Northeast Asia: Lessons From The Mediterranean Region (1997)
Clawson, Mark Alban, JSD
The Development Of Business Combinations Doctrine In American Corporate Law (1997)
Donavanik, Jade, JSM (SPILS)
The Implication Of Compliance With The Agreement On Trade Related Aspects Of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) For Thailand's Development: Focusing On Plant Protection (1997)
El-Torgoman, Sameh Y., JSD
The Dispute Settlement System In The Egyptian Capital Market And Economic Development (1997)
Holzman-Gazit, Yifat, JSD
Private Property, Culture, And Ideology: Israel's Supreme Court And The Jurisprudence Of Land Expropriation (1997)
Kishi, Michinobu, JSM (SPILS)
Policing The Japanese Financial Market In A Liberalized And Globalized Economic Environment (1997)