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Researchers interested in reading SLS dissertations/theses, please email or visit the SLS (Crown) Library Reference Desk for assistance.

SLS Advanced Degree Students are asked to submit an electronic copy of their dissertation/thesis to the Law Library/Archives, so it can be added to the collection.  To do so, please fill out this this form.  (This submission is in addition to the formal submissions you make to your instructors/advisers/registrar within SLS and SU. For info on the SU Registrar's Electronic Dissertation/Thesis system, visit their ETD FAQ page.)


Lee, Li-Ju, JSM (SPILS)
Women, Family And Social Welfare Policy In Taiwan (1997)
Lynch, Katherine L., JSM (SPILS)
Globalization And International Commercial Arbitration (1997)
Obrien, James B., JSM (SPILS)
Finding A Role For Antitrust Regulation Of The Internet Standards Markets (1997)
Ono, Lisa, JSM (SPILS)
Reforming Japanese Corporate Governance (1997)
Rizhinashvili, Constantine, JSM (SPILS)
Institutional Dynamic of Economic Integration In The Commonwealth Of Independent States (1997)
Wang, Ming-Li, JSM (SPILS)
Social Dialogue In Cyberspace (1997)
Wigwe, Joyce C., JSM (SPILS)
Shell In The Niger Delta Region Of Nigeria: A Case For Mandatory Codes Of Conduct (1997)
Yamaguchi, Yoshiyasu, JSM (SPILS)
The Institutionalization Of Emerging Technology Companies' Financing In Japan (1997)
Yang, Hsiu-I, JSD
Medical Malpractice In Taiwan: Myth And Reality (1997)
Zer-Gutman, Limor, JSD
A Critical Analysis Of The Ethical Duty Of Confidentiality In The American Law (1997)
Ziv, Neta, JSM (SPILS)
Civil Rights And Disability Law In Israel And The United States - A Comparative Perspective (1997)


Banke, Klaus, JSM (SPILS)
Innovation Market Concept: A Model For European Merger Control? (1996)
Bustos Sierra, Rodrigo J., JSM (SPILS)
The Accommodation Of Interests In Free Speech And Reputation In The Constitutional Doctrine Of The United States And Spain (1996)
Carrillo, Jo., JSD
Riverrun: Three Essays About The Uses Of History In Legal Problems Concerning Native Americans (1996)
Cockfield, Arthur, JSM (SPILS)
Tax Harmonization In North America (1996)
Cole, Daniel H., JSD
Environmental Protection Under And After Socialism: A Study Of Poland (1996)
Cullet, Philippe, JSM (SPILS)
Differential Treatment In International Law: Significance Of Recent Developments In International Environmental Agreements (1996)
Green, Nancy Ellen, Ph.D.
Information Privacy And Law In A Digital World (1996)
Hsieh, Yihong, JSM (SPILS)
Liberalization, Not Regulation! "Universal Banking" Vs. The "Glass-Steagall Act" In Taiwan (1996)
Kameri-Mbote, Patricia Annie, JSM (SPILS)
Property Rights And The Conservation Of Biological Diversity In Kenya (1996)
Kim, Won Soo, JSM (SPILS)
Institutional Dynamics Of Regional Integration In The Asia Pacific Region (1996)
Marzi, Matteo, JSM (SPILS)
An Inquiry Into The Mechanisms Of Governance Of An Industrial District: A Preliminary Study (1996)
Otosi, Gloria Onwukwe, JSM (SPILS)
Legal Education In Nigeria 1960-1995 (1996)
Rodríguez Carrillo, José Rosendo, JSM (SPILS)
Agricultural Commodities Futures In Mexico (1996)
Shu, Florence Bih, JSD
Corporate Governance In Quasi Public Corporations: A New Perspective In Cameroon (1996)
Tjiong, Henri, JSM (SPILS)
Regulatory Competition In The Single European Market: Rethinking The "Market For Regulations" (1996)
Toledo, Fernando, JSM (SPILS)
Out Of Touch: Greenhouse Gases Trading Proposals And The Politics Of Global Warming (1996)
Wagner, Kurt Bernhard, JSM (SPILS)
Back To Nature! A Motto For A GATT Panelist? (1996)
Yuksel, Cuneyt, JSM (SPILS)
The Market Economy: A Case For Reinvention Or Diffusion? A Search For Alternatives To The "Neoliberal Project": A Democratizing And Decentralizing Strategy Of Economic Development (1996)


Baev, Andrei Anatolievich, JSD
Legal Mechanism Of Monitoring State Property In Russia (1995)
Dinsdale, Henry Yates, JSD
A Study Of The National Labor Relations Board's Use Of Interim Injunction Proceedings In Union Organizing Contexts Pursuant To Section 10(J) Of The National Labor Relations Act (1995)
Elkin-Koren, Niva, JSD
Copyright Reform And Social Change In A Digital Era: A Democratic Approach To Cyberspace (1995)
Yuan, Changchun, JSD
Law And Social Organization In Contemporary China (1995)


Negrón Portillo, Luis Mariano, JSD
The Legal System Of Puerto Rico (1994)
Okaru, Valentina Onyem, JSD
Effective Institutional And Legal Means Of Controlling Water Pollution From Sewage: Nigerian And United States Experience (1994)
Valdes, Francisco, JSD
Queers, Sissies, Dykes, And Tomboys: Deconstructing The Conflation of "Sex," "Gender," And "Sexual Orientation" In Euro-American Law And Society (1994)
Wang, Wen Yeu, JSD
Corporate Versus Contractual Mutual Funds : An Evaluation Of Structure And Governance (1994)


Cheng, Chung Jen, JSD
The Role Of The Patent System In The Development Of Technology In Taiwan (1993)
Gilmour, Joan Marie, JSD
Dying Legally: The Implications Of Withholding And Withdrawing Life Support In Canada (1993)


Coombe, Rosemary J., JSD (Ph.D. Minor in Anthropology)
Cultural Appropriations: Intellectual Property Laws And The Cultural Politics Of Postmodernism (1992)
Liu, Len-Yu, JSD
Corporate Groups In Taiwan: An Analysis Of Regulatory Schemes Of Corporate Law (1992)
Ontiveros, Maria L., JSD
Why Mandating Works: A Reply To The President's Veto Of Parental Leave Legislation: An Examination Of The Myths Of Market Forces, Mothers, And Private Employment Underlying The Veto (1992)
Wright, Michael David, JSD
Privatization, The State, And Public Interest Trade Unionism: A Comparison Of Canadian And American Postal Services (1992)


Diethelm, Markus Ulrich, JSD
Risks Of Foreign Investment In The United States During Political Crises Abroad (1991)
Kakinohana, Hojun, JSD
A Total Life Approach For Dealing With Mentally Disordered Criminals (1991)
Latham, Joseph L., JSD
The Recognition And Effect Of Crossborder Bankruptcies Between Canada And The United States (1991)
Sengupta, Tamali, JSD
Protection Of Intellectual Property Rights In India And South Korea: Case Studies Of The Computer Software And Pharmaceutical Industries (1991)


Kittayarak, Kittipong, JSD
Due Process And The Thai Criminal Procedure: A Comparative Study (1990)
Kuruk, Paul, Ph.D.
Renegotiating Transnational Investment Agreements In The Natural Resource Industries In Aid Of National Development: A Case Study Of Bauxite And Hydro-Power Supply Arrangements Between The Government Of Ghana And The Volta Aluminium Company Ltd. (1990)
Pisawat, Sukonthapan, JSD
The Impact Of Contemporary Ccopying Technologies On Copyrighted Works : Problems Arising From Photocopying In Libraries And Appropriate Solutions Thereto (1990)
Sukonthapan, Pisawat, JSD
The Impact Of Contemporary Copying Technologies On Copyrighted Works: Problems Arising From Photocopying In Libraries And Appropriate Solutions Thereto (1990)


Barnhorst, Richard F., JSD
Children Legalization And Public Policy: A Case Study Of Ontario's Child And Family Services Act (1987)
Foster-Simons, Frances, JSD
The Sinification Of Socialist Legal "Models": The Origins Of Chinese Socialist Law, 1919-1949 (1987)
Rapakko, Timo, JSD
Corporate Control And Parent Firms' Liability For Their Controlled Foreign Subsidiaries: A Study On The Regulation Of Corporate Conduct (1987)
Rapakko, Timo, JSD
Base Companies In Multinational Corporate Structures: A Comparative Study Of Anti-Avoidance Legislation And Its Impact On Investment Location And Competitiveness (1987)


Agege, Charles Origho, JSD
Products And The Consumer: A Critical And Comparative Study Of The Legal Position In Nigeria (1986)
Matsui, Shigenori, JSD
Judicial Review V. Democracy -- An Inquiry Into The Nature And Limits Of Legitimate Constitutional Interpretation By The Judiciary (1986)


Delfino, Maurizio Maria, JSD
Enforcement Discretion In Antitrust: A Comparative Analysis Of The E.E.C. And U.S. Systems (1982)
Meyers, Jan E., JSD
The Architecture Of The European Monetary System: Integrated Analysis Of Major Policy Issues (1982)


Peebles, Thomas H., JSD
A Call To High Debate: The Organic Constitution In Its Formative Era, 1890-1920 (1978)


Lim, Ki Yop, JSD
A Comparative Study Of American And Korean Labor Laws: The Impact Of The American System Of Labor Law On The Development Of Korean Labor Practices (1976)
Rowles, James P., ML
Law And Agrarian Reform In Costa Rica: The Legislative Phase: A Study In Law And Development (1976)


Perry, Barry William, JSD
Oil Pollution, Resource Allocation And The Competitive Nature Of The Oil Industry: A Legal And Microeconomic Analysis (1975)


Goutal, Jean Louis, JSD
The Dynamics Of Justification: A Comparative Study Of Reasons In Civil Judgments (1974)


Clark, David S., JSM
Legal Aspects Of Renting, Sharecropping And Other Indirect Land Tenure Forms In Costa Rica (1972)
Todd, Timothy G., JSM
Agricultural Credit And The Farmer In Costa Rica: Individual Impact And Institutional Discretion (1972)


Gantz, David A., LLM
Organizing For Industrial Development: National And Regional Arrangements In Costa Rica And Central America (1970)


Smith, Alexander, JSD
The Commerce Power In The United States: A Canadian Translation (1956)


Smith, Alexander, LLM
The Commerce Power In Canada (1955)


Yerkes, Martha Stewart, LLM
Some Aspects Of The Law Relating To Equitable Liens (1952)


Williams, Ralph Roger, LLM
Civil Procedure In Georgia (1948)


Glade, Richard J., LLM
Federal Taxes And Transfers Revocable By Operation Of Law (1947)


McLeod, George M., LLM
Requirements Of Notice And Hearing In License Issuance, Renewal, And Revocation Cases (1946)


Sepulveda, Ernestina, LLM
A Comparative Study Of The Rights Of Illegitimate Children In Puerto Rico And In California (1945)


Yerkes, Albrecht Marburg, LLM
A Survey Of The California Real Estate Division: A Statewide Administrative Agency (1942)


Kehoe, Adlore R., LLM
California's Conservative Certiorari (1940)


Brown, Stephen Darden, LLM
Bases Of Corporate Liability On Contracts Made By Promoters Prior To Incorporation (1938) Bases Of Corporate Liability On Contracts Made By Promoters Prior To Incorporation (1938)
Lakusta, Boris H., LLM
Tort Liability Of Administrative Officers (1938)


Luccock, Eugene C., LLM
Rights And Remedies Against Illegal, Excessive, And Unequal Property Taxes (1937)
Price, James F., LLM
Inter-Corporate Vicarious Liability In California (1937)


Tye, Charles Woodrow, LLM
The Administration Of The Sales Tax By The California State Board Of Equalization (1936)


Gausewitz, Alfred Leroy, LLM
Considerations Basic To A New Penal Code: With Particular References To Wisconsin (1935)
Geigel, Juan Enrique, LLM
Section 7(A) Of The NIRA: Background And Procedure (1935)


Nyi, Tsung Yuh, JD
The Progress Of Law From Chance To Choice (1929)