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Student Organization Resources

The Lobby Bulletin Board

The bulletin board in the lobby outside the library is there for use by student organizations (and OSA and OCS) to publicize their events, subject to the procedures set forth below.

One of the joys of Stanford Law School is the abundance of events and programs that are available to students. The downside of all those events is that we suffer both from information overload (both from being spammed on law-announce and from the zillions of flyers posted everywhere) and an inability to find out easily exactly where and when an event is (because none of us use the online event calendar as much as we should and because there are just too many flyers posted everywhere). The bulletin board is an effort, inspired by Dean Kramer, to consolidate information in a single spot. The plan is to allow flyers for events coming up in the next two weeks and to have a copy of the calendar for the upcoming month. The benefits are that you (and guests to the law school) will know where to look for event information, student organizations will save money because there is no need to put flyers on every available piece of concrete, and the need for repeated law-announce messages about events will decrease. We may even get people to calendar their events further in advance.

So, if you are a member of a student organization that is putting on an event, here are the procedures:

  1. After you have calendared the event and reserved the space, submit an 8 1/2" x 11" flyer to Chidel. OSA will confirm that the event is properly scheduled and will post the flyer on the bulletin board.
  2. Only flyers that are posted by OSA or OCS will be permitted on the bulletin board.
  3. Flyers will be posted on Friday afternoons; so, to maximize the publicity for an event coming up in the next two weeks, submit your flyer by the end of the day Thursday two weeks before the event.
  4. Only 8 1/2" x 11" flyers will be allowed. (We don't want to start wars for attention by having everyone vie for the biggest poster.)

Nothing in this policy prevents you from posting under the old rules; we are just hoping for a central information spot.

Catherine Glaze
Associate Dean for Student Affairs